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Regional Supplies

Why does Lexmark regionalize supplies?

Lexmark customizes its supplies for different regions as part of its brand protection strategy. Lexmark has found that often grey market supplies shipments are mixed with counterfeit supplies. These counterfeit supplies can cause poor product performance, reliability issues and print quality problems for our customers. By implementing its regionalization strategy, Lexmark is able to minimize the amount of product moved around the world via the grey market, therefore eliminating a path to market for counterfeit supplies. Customers will notice region-specific packaging featuring local languages, unique identifiers and region-specific cartridge recycling instructions.

Have you moved to another country or region?

Your Lexmark printer will automatically customize itself to accept cartridges specific to your country or region. If you take your printer with you to another country, you may not find cartridges with the same Supplies # available. Although you may find Lexmark cartridges that appear to be compatible with your printer, they will not work.

Please contact Lexmark so we can resolve this issue for you by resetting your printer. Contact information for your country may be found under the “Support and Downloads” section of the Lexmark web site.

Before contacting Lexmark, please have the following items ready:

  1. Your Lexmark printer
  2. A complete set of new Lexmark cartridges for your new country or region. Please use the PDF files above to identify the correct Supplies # for your new country.
  3. A computer with internet access that is connected to your printer
Regional Supply Compatibility Chart

Regional Supply Compatibility Chart

Are Your Lexmark Supplies Genuine?

Lexmark is dedicated to protecting customers from counterfeit ink and toner cartridges. If you are experiencing poor product performance, reliability issues or print quality problems, click here to check if your Lexmark supplies are Genuine. 

Buy Genuine Lexmark Supplies

Don’t be disappointed by unpredictable bargain-brand cartridges. Lexmark printers and Genuine Lexmark supplies are designed to perform Best Together—delivering excellent print quality from first print to last.

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