Unlocking the value of IoT data at the edge

The latest addition to the Lexmark Optra Solutions portfolio, Lexmark Optra Edge, brings computing power physically closer to where data is generated—at the IoT device.

By Sudhir Mehta, Global Vice President, Optra Engineering and Product Management
March 22, 2022

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As we’ve said previously, the time for IoT is now. That’s because other enabling technologies—edge, 5G, cloud and artificial intelligence (AI)—are poised to aid in intelligent decision-making. Today, organizations from all industries should focus on finding even more value and identifying new use cases for these technologies. Edge computing, particularly when combined with technologies like AI and 5G, make business transformation possible.

For audio and video use cases that need real-time analysis to extract operational insights, organizations are increasingly turning to edge computing. The right solution brings computing power physically closer to where data is generated–at the IoT device—for faster data processing and increased bandwidth, data privacy and security without the need for the cloud. And that’s why we’re proud to announce the launch of our first edge-based solution.

Sense. Analyze. Act.

Lexmark Optra Edge is a first-of-its-kind solution designed to increase productivity, accelerate competitive advantage and facilitate cost savings by rapidly deploying remote AI applications at scale. Built as a turnkey solution integrating hardware and software, it is intuitive to use, easy to set up and compatible with any organization’s existing infrastructure.

The end-to-end Optra Edge workflow enables an organization to:

  • Sense: Connect to cameras and other IoT sensors to collect data—such as sight, sound, vibration, temperature—while distilling what’s important and ignoring what’s not.
  • Analyze: Collect data and interpret specific variables in real time for instant evaluation and decision-making.
  • Act: Create custom alerts that enable immediate action—such as generating a spreadsheet or sending an SMS alert—and drive intelligence into core business systems for enhanced productivity and systemic intelligence.

Realize business benefits faster

Processing data where it is gathered saves both time and money. With the device-agnostic Optra Edge, organizations need not invest in costly infrastructure upgrades or switch platforms. In addition, the highly flexible solution scales to different IoT devices and workloads when necessary. As a result, organizations can seamlessly get up and running, while quickly realizing productivity gains and ROI.

Optra Edge runs without cloud connectivity, so data size isn’t limited by network bandwidth. Eliminating latency for data processing also accelerates the time to insights and increases efficiency. Loaded with skills for visual or manual inspection to identify anomalies, defects and suboptimal conditions, Optra Edge offers high reliability for real-time operational performance, which better informs decision-making.

Lexmark Optra Edge enables organizations to collect and monitor massive amounts of different IoT data types without interruption.

Pinpoint insights that matter

Even organizations that synthesize data struggle to analyze it and operationalize the insights. Expeditiously narrowing in on the most meaningful data points is critical for thriving in a fast-paced environment.

Lexmark Optra Edge enables organizations to collect and monitor massive amounts of different IoT data types without interruption. Real-time analysis allows for instant evaluation and faster decision-making. Since the data never travels for processing, Optra Edge also provides greater data security and privacy. As an added benefit, the local-based edge solution doesn’t require an internet connection, so even remote locations can utilize the compute power at top capacity.

Maximize technology investments

Over the past 20 years, Lexmark has worked through many of the challenges associated with complex IoT projects for our own core business. With this past experience and deep expertise, we are well-positioned to help our customers maximize their technology investments and quickly realize the return on investment.

Optra Edge allows organizations to reduce costs across several vectors. For example, it can detect even the most subtle differences on products and thus, adjust to meet quality standards. This saves manufacturers significant money previously spent down the line to remake the product. In addition, built-in asset intelligence helps prevent machine downtime and service interruptions, thus eliminating costs associated with technical difficulties. Removing the need for cloud or network capabilities also significantly decreases the overall solution cost, with additional savings realized from its easy installation and maintenance.

When businesses embrace edge, they are smarter, faster and more cost-efficient for their customers.

The view from the edge

At Lexmark, we stand committed to helping organizations of all sizes realize the value of edge and IoT, in order to accelerate their digital business transformations and realize outcomes faster. With the right tools to succeed, organizations now have the power to unlock hidden insights from their devices, so that every action is based on measurable data with the help of AI. When businesses embrace edge, they are smarter, faster and more cost-efficient for their customers.

Specific use cases across industries

This expansion of the Lexmark Optra IoT Solutions portfolio will help customers quickly unlock the value of their IoT data to accelerate digital transformation. Optra Edge already has proven use cases across the manufacturing, retail, healthcare and transportation industries. In the coming weeks, we will share more about how Optra Edge operates in the real world in a multi-part blog series..


To learn more about Optra Edge, watch this video, or contact us.

Portrait of Sudhir Mehta, Global Vice President of Optra Engineering and Product Management at Lexmark.

Sudhir Mehta is the Global Vice President of Optra Engineering and Product Management at Lexmark. Mehta is a subject matter expert on IoT and edge technologies.

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