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The promise of AI.
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Drive productivity, enable cost savings and accelerate your competitive advantage with a vertically integrated edge IoT computing solution that executes edge AI applications at the point of need. 

Sense anything. Analyze instantly. Act intelligently.

Organizations are awash in data—but using that data to improve your business and gain a competitive advantage requires capital and highly technical skills that many businesses don’t have at the ready. 

Optra Edge is a user-friendly, user-focused platform combining edge compute hardware, a low code/no code cloud-based management portal and pre-built AI/ML applications that make it fast and easy to turn real-time data into real-time action. 

The story of Lexmark Optra IoT Solutions began with printers Blog Post

Harnessing the power of edge artificial intelligence is the answer. And the time is now.

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What is Optra Edge?

Optra Edge is a first-of-its-kind integrated hardware and software solution for rapidly creating and deploying remote applications at scale. Edge AI brings computing power physically closer to where data is generated—to the edge of the network or device—in order to enable faster and less costly data processing, increased bandwidth and improved data privacy/security. In addition to executing AI applications closer to the point of need, Optra Edge acts as a translator between devices and back-end systems and provides powerful local computation ability without the cloud.

By 2026, 85% of enterprises will combine human expertise with AI and other technologies to augment foresight, making workers 25% more productive and effective.

IDC FutureScape: Worldwide Artificial Intelligence and Automation 2022 Predictions, October 2021

What can Optra Edge do for you?

Optra Edge gives you the power of compute and vision right where data is generated—at the edge of the network or device. Through a vast library of customizable skills, you can create the solutions your business needs now—and extend and adjust them as your needs change. A single device with an open interface does it all, extending your capabilities on the edge. And because Optra Edge works with the equipment you’ve already invested in, such as cameras and sensors, it costs less to implement than proprietary solutions.

Whether you’re in manufacturing, retail, transportation or another industry, Optra Edge gives you the power to:

As a manufacturer and early adopter of IoT connectivity and IoT data analytics to drive business outcomes, we know how complex IoT is.
  • Connect to cameras and other IoT sensors in your operation to collect data—sight, sound, vibration, temperature, you name it—filtering what’s important and ignoring what’s not.
  • Analyze and interpret specific variables and generate real time alerts and actions to keep staff productive and safe.
  • Drive intelligence, not just data, into your core business systems for efficiency and cost savings.
  • Keep data inside your local area network (LAN), minimizing issues with bandwidth and providing powerful on-premises computation that is private and secure.
  • Enable “smart” capabilities on legacy devices by connecting them to an IoT platform.
  • Generate custom alerts and enable immediate action and drive intelligence into your core business systems for enhanced productivity and on-the-job safety.
  • Eliminate resource constraints and gain a competitive advantage by moving human-led tasks to AI, allowing your team to focus on more high-value work.
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Skills that flex and scale for your business

Optra Edge scales for the needs of your organization, whether you’re a small and medium business or a larger enterprise.


Lack of technology solutions requires most small and medium manufacturers to rely on staff to perform visual or manual inspection to identify anomalies, defects and sub-optimal conditions. 
With your applications running on Optra Edge, you can deploy solutions to:

boost productivity

Boost productivity

  • Improve security and quality control using machine vision that identifies issues without requiring human interaction — so personnel can focus on more value-added tasks.
  • Easily monitor steps being performed as well as takt time and gain real-time performance insight.
  • Enable continuous monitoring of machines and employees to ensure safety protocols are met.
  • Operate with complete accuracy, even when cloud bandwidth is low.
lower cost

Lower costs

  • Detect even the most subtle differences in product with detailed visual inspection to ensure quality standards.
  • Use asset intelligence to preserve machine uptime, avoiding service interruptions and cost.
  • Eliminate the need for staff to perform physical inventories by scanning the entire facility and providing data on every pallet in every location.
  • Utilize vision systems to identify underutilized warehouse and production floor space.
outpace competition

Outpace the competition

  • Enable systemic operational improvements to prevent repeated mistakes.
  • Improve manufacturing and quality assurance processes.
  • Increase efficiency, agility and responsiveness to changing market conditions.
  • Collect and monitor massive amounts of data without interruption.
  • Analyze in real-time for instant evaluation and decision making.


Today’s retailers are looking for ways to stay relevant with consumers in an increasingly competitive market.
With AI applications running on the edge, you can deploy solutions to:

boost productivity

Boost productivity

  • Initiate hyper-personalized promotions that will reduce waste and increase customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Improve insights for foot traffic and layout using people counting technology.
  • Enable merchandising compliance management, shelf inventory management and warehouse automation and fulfillment.
lower cost

Lower costs

  • Oversee store operations from self-checkout to the receiving dock without the need for additional staff.
  • Automate administrative processes and offer chat functionality to generate new efficiencies and actionable insights for your sales representatives.
  • Identify network configuration and connectivity challenges before they become costly issues.
outpace competition

Outpace the competition

  • Deliver digital and AI capabilities that enhance your customers’ virtual shopping with insights into preferences.
  • Customize the individual customer experience.
  • Maximize customer monitoring: Detect and count the number of people in an area of your store, branch or other location using visual machine learning (ML).


Businesses are looking for ways to stay with their own trusted platforms and use existing cameras and equipment to save on cost. 
With your applications running on Optra Edge, you can deploy solutions to:

boost productivity

Boost productivity

  • Improve parking management using vision-based machine learning to count vehicles and parking spots
  • Enhance airport security using people counting and object detection
  • Analyze traffic patterns, type of vehicles and cadence
lower cost

Lower costs

  • Maximize the usage of parking facilities and loading decks
  • Utilize vision systems to determine where warehouse space is available
  • Reduce transportation times with proposed alternative routes
outpace competition

Outpace the competition

  • Shorten the time a truck is stopped waiting to be loaded or unloaded
  • Automatically check physical inventory and inventory logs
  • Significantly reduce vehicle carbon footprint

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