Real time insight for real time action

Use AI to understand what’s happening in your store with human-like perception

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Basing decisions on historical buying behavior – what customers bought yesterday, last month or last year – limits your ability to act on real-time insights. Lexmark Smart Retail uses computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) to give you an instant understanding of what is happening in and around your store, allowing you to proactively take action and engage with customers in new ways.

Are you ready for the future of retail?

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Use AI and ML to gain an immediate understanding of what’s happening in and around your store

Find the latest in IoT solutions, insights and news.

Measurable benefits in every area



Tailor store operations and marketing efforts based on real-time customer insights, opening new opportunities for business



Bridge the gap between online personalization and in-store experience with visual AI to increase sales by up to 30% 



Monitor high-margin and high-volume products to minimize out-of-stock events and reduce stockouts by 90%

Boost topline revenue  

Smart Retail helps retailers boost conversion rates by increasing meaningful engagements with customers using real-time store data.

Grow average transaction value (ATV): Smart Retail enables retailers to grow value by increasing the monetary worth, size and quantity of customers’ individual transactions.

Manage Human Capital expense: By optimizing employee time and schedules, Smart Retail helps stores control human resource expenses while improving operations with consistency and compliance.

Support in-store brand image: Smart Retail allows for real-time insights to maximize marketing spend, support visual merchandise guidelines and ensure brand consistency across all store locations. 


We are all gathering data, but that data is all historic. With this solution, we are actioning in the moment — and that is unique.

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Learn how you can drive business value faster than you thought possible.

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The perfect pairing of cloud and edge for fast results 



Grow your business into an intelligent enterprise

This purpose-built, cloud-based solution delivers value in weeks instead of months or years. 



The promise of AI, delivered at the edge

Execute AI applications at the point of need to drive productivity, cost savings and revenue growth. 

Lexmark: A pioneer in IoT innovation


Lexmark is uniquely positioned to help. As a manufacturer and early adopter of edge enabled IoT solutions within our own business, we understand the complexity of edge computing and the benefits manufacturers can harvest from them. With 7 million printers deployed at the edge at the biggest enterprises in the world, we’ve leveraged the technology from our print devices to build edge enabled IoT solutions that are scalable, secure, fast to deploy and easy to manage. 

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