The promise of AI at the Edge, delivered

Lexmark Optra Edge executes AI applications at the point of need to drive greater productivity and savings while delivering a competitive advantage.

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Extend your capabilities on the edge with a single device

Modern organizations are awash in data. But having that data and using it to gain a greater insight into business processes are two very different things. That’s where Lexmark Optra Edge comes in. This advanced technology combines edge hardware, a low code/no code cloud-based management portal and pre-built AI/ML applications to easily turn real-time data into real-time action.  

Get AI at the Edge: flexible, scalable and affordable 

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An end-to-end, AI-powered solution that turns real-time data into real-time action

Fast and easy AI at the point of need



Securely move your applications out of the cloud and into the world, saving time and money with fewer servers and less infrastructure.



Remotely provision and monitor your hardware and software from our secure portal, and update the firmware of your entire fleet with a single click of a button.



Easily create and consume software skills that can be chained together to create custom workflows unique to your business needs, and deploy them to your entire fleet instantly.


Learn how you can drive business value faster than you thought possible.

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A user-friendly, user-focused platform

Optra Edge is an end-to-end solution for all your application deployment needs. It’s a first-of-its-kind integrated hardware and software platform for rapidly creating and deploying remote applications at scale.  See all devices




See how an in-store media solutions company transforms customer experiences with Optra Edge. 

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