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Agency Capture

Digitally capture, share and manage unstructured information with ease

Insurance is still a paper-driven industry and many agencies continue to be bogged down with manually processing unstructured information found on paper documents. This includes the critical data they need to open new policies, process claims, administer policy changes and more. Fortunately, we found a better way.

By eliminating many of these slow, error-prone manual processes, Lexmark Agency Capture frees your employees to focus on what’s really important – building stronger customer relationships, maintaining compliance and increasing carrier profitability.

This powerful solution enables agency workers to quickly and easily submit documents using a smart Lexmark multifunction product (MFP). The system immediately identifies exceptions and prompts for corrections. Then it automatically classifies, verifies, indexes and routes the content to your back office systems – regardless of format. All without barcodes, templates, keywords or changes to your forms or back office systems.

Simply put, Lexmark Agency Capture gives your agency workers the tools they need to work more productively and exceed customer expectations.

Benefits of Agency Capture

  • Automates paper and electronic document input, data extraction, validation and routing
  • Eliminates courier expenses, delays and lost documents
  • Provides instant, one-click access to vital information
    Improves audit readiness and compliance
  • Enables employees to spend more time with customers

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