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MS321 6-Years Total (1+5) Return-to-Base, 5-7 Business Days

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This service covers offsite repair or replacement, all parts and labour, and the return shipment straight to your door.

Lexmark Return to base Service Offerings, a 5 to 7 Business days response time

Return to base offers you remote product support by both telephone and Internet, as well as a dependable return process in case of product defect. In the event of the need of a repair action, the helpdesk will instruct you to return the defected product at a Lexmark-designated location in your area. You will receive it back usually within seven business days in serviced areas.

Return-to-Base extended guarantees can be purchased during the term of the product guarantee with one, two or three year extensions- for up to four years of coverage from date of product purchase. Following the extended guarantee period, a renewal coverage may be purchased for one year at a time as long as the product is supported by Lexmark. Extended guarantees must be purchased before the previous guarantee expires.

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Varenr. 2364490
  • 5 År

Lexmark MS321dn

Lexmark MS321dn

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