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Solutions for Manufacturing

Real-time information about the processes that run your business


Think you’re seeing the full picture of your manufacturing operations? Not if you’re using manual steps to bridge the gap between paper and digital information. When there’s a disconnect between your people and critical information, employee productivity and customer service pay the price.

Our solutions for manufacturing connect your people to the processes and information they need, at the moment they need it. We’ll help you streamline your day-to-day logistics operations by making offline and online information more readily available.

  • Create a leaner enterprise that lets you focus on your core competencies
  • Transform paper-based, time-intensive tasks into electronic, time-saving processes
  • Eliminate additive inefficiencies with your people and processes through intelligent data control
  • Synchronise supply and demand with current, accurate data
  • Get a crystal-clear view of your operations to improve processes and see what’s coming next

Solutions for Manufacturing

Supply Chain Document Optimisation for Manufacturing

Don’t let paper-based processes slow down your supply chain.

Managed Print Services

Optimise your print environment and outsource maintenance to our team of experts. Use our experience to your advantage to save both time and money.

Human Resources

Have your new hires ready to work on day one. Reduce paper management with electronic employee files to automate processes for both your new hires and your HR department.

Financial Process Automation

Automate manual tasks and reduce errors, gain greater visibility and a streamlined, automated solution for managing the documents that are critical for your business finances.

GHS Label Publishing

Support compliance and meet GHS regulations more easily and with more control using our solution for creating and publishing chemical labels.

GHS Label Printing

GHS labels when and where you need them with on-demand, colour printing. Reduce paper waste and ensure your chemical labels are always within GHS regulations.

Logistics Document Management

Eliminate paper-based processes and the small inefficiencies that add up so you can reduce errors and accelerate your business.


A synergised approach to operations with Managed Print Services and Logistics Document Management.

" Working with Lexmark has helped us to overcome obstacles and create a productive solution that enhances our warehouse environment and streamlines operations.”

Jonathan Keathley
IT Project Manager
Southaven Distribution Center