Usability by design

Complicated tools lead to frustration, lost time and higher costs. That’s why the Lexmark smart MFP ecosystem has ease of use designed in.

It starts with the usability of the e-Task interface on Lexmark smart MFPs. Icon- and text-driven, it’s intuitive to navigate and can walk you through each step in your process. A consistent interface across every Lexmark device ensures your users always know what to do. Plus, accessibility is woven into the design of all our smart MFPs.

But ease of use underlies the entire system in less visible ways, too. Open standards and ease of integration allow smart MFP apps and connectors to move information to and from paper, electronic storage, or enterprise applications to complete many processes without traditional manual steps.

And you can easily configure your Lexmark smart MFP's user interface, apps and workflows to your unique needs at the company, department, process or application level.

Print simplicity, on the go

Mobile printing within the smart MFP ecosystem lets you print from iOS, Android, or Google Cloud devices just like you do from the desktop. No puzzling over another user interface or wasting time with printing workarounds like sending documents to your PC.

Streamlined testing: It’s elementary

Rolaetta Alford, principal at Carmody Hills Elementary School in Upper Marlboro, Maryland, recalls how easily her teaching staff adapted to smart MFPs. Teachers at the school can now prepare tests and quizzes “on the fly”, print customized bubble sheets out on plain paper, administer the test, scan the completed test sheets on the same MFP and review the test results immediately. Alford says: “It took just 15 minutes for the teachers to get a handle on it.”