Commander of the fleet

When the only thing your printers, copiers and MFPs respond to simultaneously is a power outage, it’s not really a managed fleet.

Lexmark smart MFPs are designed to interact, allowing you to discover devices, track assets, monitor and correct issues, and proactively manage even the largest fleets. Exclusive MarkVision Enterprise software has a database-driven foundation that scales your control from a handful of devices to thousands, through a web-based interface that grants access based on individual users' roles and responsibilities.

The larger your enterprise, the more clearly you understand the value of deploying device enhancements without having to configure each one individually. The Lexmark smart MFP ecosystem lets you distribute digitally signed app and firmware updates to keep all your devices current, while minimizing the risk of viruses and worms. It’s only one part of a complete set of secure remote management tools that support even the most widely distributed fleets.

One driver, many benefits

Simplification is an important aspect of manageability and a clear advantage of the Lexmark Universal Print Driver (UPD). Fighting the proliferation of print drivers in typical enterprise environments, the Lexmark UPD automatically detects and updates the options shown to users for specific devices. And administrators can enforce default print settings like duplex, multi-page printing (N-up), toner darkness, and other resource-saving measures to support environmental and cost-control policies.

Optimize print queue management, control device usage policies, simplify mobile printing options, and support secure print release with Lexmark Print Management. With integrated tracking and accounting tools to analyze usage patterns, you’ll have the information you need to more effectively manage your output infrastructure.

Fleet control in minutes

Kim Buts, Network Equipment Manager at Imelda Hospital in Flanders, Belgium, says the MarkVision management application is a key asset for the hospital. “Each printer can be managed remotely,” explains Buts. “It takes just minutes to update the printer fleet . . . The application is very easy to use and the time MarkVision saves us is truly phenomenal.”

... The application is very easy to use and the time MarkVision saves us is truly phenomenal.