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Outstanding MFP engineering and advanced imaging technology does more than produce a pleasing impression–it's a key factor in improving productivity, capturing data accurately and protecting your brand image.

Output resolution has traditionally been considered a measure of imaging quality, and Lexmark devices reach up to 1200 dpi to enable the reproduction of maximum text and image detail.

We know that correctly matching colors on a financial report, in a logo or in product imagery can have impacts on things such as stock prices, brand recognition and product sales. Professional color features, including PANTONE© calibration and Lexmark Named Color Replacement, let you match colors, even in common Office applications like MS Word and PowerPoint.

File compression speeds the capture and output of documents with images, but some compression methods compromise image quality and data integrity. Lexmark's compression algorithms preserve the accuracy of the information being scanned, while maintaining compatibility with a wide range of applications. Our support for Mixed Raster Content (MRC) compression can yield significantly smaller PDF files, without noticeable loss of quality. And that means more accurate transfer of text on paper to databases and financial systems.

Quality scanning is critical, too. Built-in image processing can automatically straighten pages, remove spots and improve image contrast–leading to more readable pages and better conversion to text. Plus, with Lexmark’s multi-page detection, the MFP alerts you if multiple pages are pulled into the scanner simultaneously, so all data is accounted for.

The Lexmark smart MFP ecosystem delivers the capabilities you expect–print quality, data accuracy and color fidelity–as standard attributes, not impossible ideals.

Advanced toner science

Products featuring Lexmark’s exclusive Unison toner help you achieve consistently outstanding image quality from the first page of a toner cartridge to the last. Users don't need to re-print faded pages, or shake the cartridge to use all its toner. They can concentrate on their work, not maintenance chores.


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