Protecting the ecosystem

Data security in your organization is a complex pursuit, forged from a careful combination of effective policies, user education and technologies that support your goals. Get it wrong, and you put your company’s performance and reputation at risk.

The Lexmark Smart MFP ecosystem helps reinforce critical areas of security in your organization, from user authentication, to protecting data at rest and in transit, and safeguarding your network.

Secure remote management: Restrict device management to authorized personnel and secure your device settings through a combination of rigorously enforced device access, audit logging, digitally signed firmware upgrades, certificate management, HTTPS, SNMPv3 and secure password reset.

Secure network interfaces: Take advantage of embedded features that harden Lexmark MFPs against unauthorized access, such as IP and port filtering, 802.1x support, IPSec, secure NTP, and separation of network and fax.


Secure access: Confirm user identity through active directory integration, network or badge login, and even two-token authentication, then enforce predefined user access controls.

Secure data: Protect data at rest with encrypted hard disks. Wipe memory and hard disks any time. And if your policies require it, easily remove and store the drive securely after hours.

Solutions: Enhance the security of your environment with solutions like print release, Automatic Certificate Enrollment (ACE), Secure Held Print Jobs, and smart card authentication. It’s backed up by the Secure Content Monitor option, which can track every document that’s printed, copied, scanned or faxed through an output device.

Security standards: Lexmark’s proven its security expertise with stringent government certifications like Common Criteria, NIAP, and FIPS 140-2.

Lexmark smart MFPs don’t rely on additional third-party software that could introduce unnecessary complexity and security risks. So they’re not just smart–they’re discreet.

We selected Lexmark because we believe it is the leading output management vendor in CAC [Smart Card]-enabled printing.

Fred McKinnon
G6 System Integration
U.S. Army Training and Doctrine Command, Headquarters (TRADOC), Fort Eustis, Va.