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Intelligent Capture for Orders

Service orders faster and more accurately

How much does it cost you when orders are not correctly fulfilled? How many times will a customer excuse a shipment sent to the wrong address before they find another supplier? How much money do you have to spend to replace that customer?

With Perceptive Intelligent Capture those questions never get asked — because our technology helps you handle order processing in less time so you can avoid costly shipment errors and delayed deliveries. Most importantly, you’ll free your customer service representatives to focus on assisting customers with orders, proactively providing order status information and making timely adjustments.

Intelligent Capture virtually eliminates manual data entry of sales orders and requires no changes to your established business practices. It automatically sorts incoming documents, extracts all required data from a purchase order, and creates new orders to review in your back-end order processing system.

  • Automatically sort incoming documents and extract all required data from the order
  • Verify the data against your catalog, enterprise resource planning (ERP) and customer relationship management (CRM) systems
  • Send order data to your order processing system for final review
  • Easily accommodate multipage orders, multilingual documents and an unlimited variety of purchase order formats
  • Enhance your established business practices without changing the methods that make you successful
Automatically move transactional data from unstructured documents into your business systems.

Extract, organise and share data with the people, systems and processes that need it most.

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See how Intelligent Capture enables you to extract more value from your documents and automate business processes.

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