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Software Engineer Student - Summer 2023 Boulder, CO College co-op/internship

Boulder, Colo. – An active and innovative environment

Lexmark’s Boulder office is a development and manufacturing facility that utilizes state-of-the-art technology and manufacturing processes to develop and manufacture both toner and photoconductor drums for use in laser printer cartridges.

With most of the manufacturing being done in North America, the Boulder office provides Lexmark employees with a unique opportunity to be part of the entire lifecycle of product development. The location’s approximately 200 employees include production workers, production support personnel, mechanical engineers, chemical engineers, scientists and technicians. Here, Lexmark team members can use their skills to perform tests, develop new technology, and see their inventions and designs come to life.

The Boulder office has been recognized for its environmental efforts with several awards.

Living in Boulder

At the base of the Rockies, Boulder is a mecca for outdoor sports and active living businesses, and an ideal location for innovative minds and fast-growing companies. With more than 45,000 acres of open space and 150 miles of public trails, Boulder offers scenic beauty, recreational opportunities and a healthy lifestyle. Learn more about living in Boulder at