Turn device data into actionable insights

Harness the power of IoT with Lexmark's Connected Products solution

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Once a product is sold, most manufacturers lose sight of it – along with opportunities to deliver advanced services, and optimize product lifecycles and generate recurring revenue. Lexmark’s Connected Products solution closes this gap. Marrying field device data with core systems data generates insights you can act on across operations, engineering, product marketing and R&D. Insights you can act on.

With Connected Products, you can see results in as little as 90 days, including:


of services tickets created automatically


improvement in engineering efficiency


increase in profitability via optimized utilization


contractual and/or recurring revenue

Predictive Service

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Elevate your service delivery and user experience 

Systemic Innovation

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Optimize manufacturing quality and cycle times

Asset Optimization

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Grow profitability and maximize product lifecycle

Business Model Expansion

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Increase customer engagement and secure revenue

Find the latest in IoT solutions, insights and news.

Lexmark has a better handle on what makers of connected devices need because it has moved through the IoT process itself to differentiate from the competition, shift to an ‘aaS’ model, and drive more value out of its own connected products.

International Data Corporation (IDC)

Learn how you can drive business value faster than you thought possible.

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The perfect pairing of cloud and edge for fast results 



Grow your business into an intelligent enterprise

This purpose-built, cloud-based solution delivers value in weeks instead of months or years. 



The promise of AI, delivered at the edge

Execute AI applications at the point of need to drive productivity, cost savings and revenue growth. 

Lexmark: A pioneer in IoT innovation

Lexmark is not your typical software solutions company. As a manufacturer, we understand the complexity of moving from selling a device to enabling advanced services and as-a-Service engagements while delivering the results you need – fast. For over two decades, we have:  


Tested, proven and perfected the Optra IoT Platform, the backbone of our successful core business that manages over 1 million devices in 250,000 locations around the world 


Cultivated professional service consultants with deep knowledge of how to apply technology to drive specific business outcomes


Created a suite of AI/ML accelerators to jump start your data insights for faster, measurable results 

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