Optimize transportation operations with ease and simplicity

Leverage real-time insights to drive greater efficiency from curb to curb

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Any organization that depends on moving goods is feeling the impact of rising transportation costs and staff shortages. As a result, saving time across every transportation touchpoint is more critical than ever to meet revenue goals and outpace the competition. 

Lexmark’s Transportation Operations solution helps you manage vehicle traffic flow to, from and within facilities for maximum efficiency and speed. The solution uses AI in logistics along with cameras and IoT sensors to collect real-time data and drive systematic improvements to transport operations of every size. 

Lexmark has a better handle on what makers of connected devices need because it has moved through the IoT process itself to differentiate from the competition, shift to an ‘aaS’ model, and drive more value out of its own connected products.

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Learn how you can drive business value faster than you thought possible.

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The perfect pairing of cloud and edge for fast results



Grow your business into an intelligent enterprise

This purpose-built, cloud-based solution delivers value in weeks instead of months or years. 



The promise of AI, delivered at the edge

Execute AI applications at the point of need to drive productivity, cost savings and revenue growth. 

Lexmark: A pioneer in IoT innovation


Lexmark is uniquely positioned to help. As a manufacturer and early adopter of edge enabled IoT solutions within our own business, we understand the complexity of edge computing and the benefits manufacturers can harvest from them. With 7 million printers deployed at the edge at the biggest enterprises in the world, we’ve leveraged the technology from our print devices to build edge enabled IoT solutions that are scalable, secure, fast to deploy and easy to manage. 

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