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Lexmark Optra IoT Solutions

The perfect pairing of
edge and cloud for fast results

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A suite of IoT business solutions

benefits of Optra IoT solutions

Optra solutions help customers quickly harness the value of the Internet of Things (IoT), accelerate digital transformation and realize business outcomes, including operational efficiency, revenue growth and end customer value. These proven solutions leverage our industry-leading cloud, IoT and connectivity technologies and expertise.

As an IoT provider that uses our own solution, we’ve invested in our IoT capabilities for two decades, providing us unique insights into how to deliver results. We are a pioneer in edge-based computing and remotely managing distributed devices, through advanced diagnostic algorithms and machine learning (ML) techniques turning data into insight and action.

Flexibility that meets you where you are now

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Smart devices are everywhere, and smart companies know that the Internet of Things (IoT) and edge computing will soon be just as commonplace. The Lexmark Optra IoT Platform and Optra Edge work together as a holistic solution that accelerates your digital transformation.

Optra Edge offers real-time, on-site computation, a gateway for translations and vision skills. The Optra IoT Platform synthesizes your device data over time to drive systemic innovation and create new business opportunities. ​Together, they are everything you need to move your business forward in a fully digital world.