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Document Imaging

Collect, secure and organise all of your content

Document imaging is essential technology for organisations today, providing structure to all of the unmanaged information needed to make processes more efficient and people more productive. Lexmark products for document imaging go far beyond the traditional, document-scanning approach to provide a complete foundation for collecting and retrieving all types of enterprise content.

Because in all industries, departments and roles, the amount and complexity of unstructured data—email, electronic files, multimedia, XML and hundreds of other formats in addition to scanned documents—continue to multiply even as technologies like ERP systems are deployed.

Through extensive experience and research, Lexmark has built innovative document imaging products that remove information obstacles and help you operate at peak efficiency. So users across your organisation can capture, store and index a virtually unlimited amount of content, creating a unified platform that fits seamlessly into your existing IT infrastructure.

  • Capture all types of content easily from virtually any source enterprise-wide
  • Make it accessible immediately to users within the context of a business process
  • Consolidate information in one repository yet sync it with other technologies 

Document imaging products from Lexmark offer highly intuitive features that help users collect all of their valuable information assets: 

Distributed capture

  • Capture documents on demand from virtually any input device in any location
  • Empower early information capture so users and processes benefit right away
  • Automatically monitor and import email, files on the network and faxes
  • Convert data and print streams into readable documents to improve usability
  • Apply bar codes, patch codes and OCR/ICR for sophisticated processing
  • Ensure high quality images with advanced cleanup technologies

Automated indexing and linking

  • Automatically attach perfect metadata for fast, accurate content retrieval
  • Link information automatically to related business applications and transactions
  • Easily index content with unique requirements using unlimited metadata options 

High volume and ad-hoc

  • Utilise high-volume document scanning devices and process large data files and print streams
  • Capture single documents directly from MFPs, desktop scanners or PCs
  • Collect large volumes of information from geographically dispersed locations
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