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Electronic Forms

Capture data directly and replace paper forms

E-forms technology completes the capture strategy of your enterprise content management system. It enables the online entry and collection of raw data in electronic forms that are accessible from web pages, mobile devices, portals, software applications and more. Incorporate this information immediately into your business process to automate steps, validate data accuracy and support application transactions.

Lexmark’s e-forms products make electronic data capture quick and simple, empowering users to gather the information needed to simplify virtually any task. Customisable forms fit right where you need them so anyone—employees, customers, even non-system users—can complete and submit information one time, effortlessly.

Content collected in e-forms is validated, stored, organised and secured independently, enabling you to route it through workflow, apply version control and more. Support for industry-standard data formats and technology also maximises the versatility of e-forms.

  • Shift easily from paper forms to e-forms, making them accessible anywhere, anytime
  • Speed business processes by using data to automate steps and update business systems
  • Eliminate data entry mistakes and rework, saving valuable time and resources

E-forms products from Lexmark offer the following features that enable seamless, secure electronic data capture to support your business routines:

User experience

  • Enable anyone to submit forms and data, even customers and external users
  • Attach documents to a form, sending them directly into the content repository
  • Use formulas and database values to validate and augment form data
  • Customise the layout of a form based on the user’s role
  • Complete forms online or offline and from mobile devices like iPad and iPhone
  • Enhance any process requiring signatures with support for digital signatures

Data options

  • Collect data entered in the form or pulled automatically from other sources
  • Streamline processes by validating and correcting information electronically
  • Enhance workflow using collected forms to route information intelligently
  • Store, organise and manage forms independently like any other document
  • Share captured forms data with external business systems
  • Integrate data with any database via ODBC, JDBC or standard web services

Forms design

  • Create standards-based forms easily using intuitive design tools
  • Build forms using mainstream web technologies like HTML, XSLT and CSS
  • Convert paper forms into electronic replicas, keeping their original structure
  • Publish forms to websites, intranets and portals directly from the forms designer
  • Design forms once and then use them anywhere, even on mobile devices
  • Lock forms and field data and protect forms with built-in encryption
Discover the fast, no-drama way to transition to paperless forms.

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