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Checklist Capture

Streamline the capture and tracking of related content

Your knowledge workers are painfully aware: manual steps to capture, classify and store content are tedious, time consuming and error prone. Especially for knowledge workers such as loss prevention agents, public assistance workers, loan officers and others who must gather and track sets of content required to manage cases. They’re faced with all manner of unstructured content—like documents, videos and forms—that’s necessary to help their constituents get what they need. And it’s coming at them from all directions, delaying and complicating processes.

Perceptive Checklist Capture automates the gathering and tracking of related content and data from mobile, web and MFP devices. It marks off a checklist as each content type is captured into the designated folder, lets staff track a folder status throughout the process, and provides notification when content is missing or incomplete. It also delivers information directly to your core business system while storing the content in Perceptive Content for speedy processing and retrieval.

Checklist Capture and the Lexmark solutions that leverage it streamline the capture and classification of content while working side-by-side with your core business systems already in place. Staff spend less time gathering information and more time helping customers. Plus, the rate of misfiled and misclassified content is minimised as automation takes care of manual processing steps.

Only folders that contain all the required documentation continue on in the process, eliminating the need to chase down information or to audit manual steps—greatly simplifying your ability to show compliance with organisation and regulatory requirements.

With Perceptive Checklist Capture, your staff can:

  • Add new content with a single click from the list of missing document types from a mobile device, the web or an integrated Lexmark smart MFP
  • Access a checklist of content from all supported devices at any time, with a visual indicator of required content and deficiencies
  • View existing content and its properties, with the ability to add pages to documents already received
  • Leverage a consistent and unified experience across all devices and platforms
  • Centralise administration and easily expand to other areas
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