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Mobile capture

Capture content on the go and securely deliver it to enterprise applications

Given our on-the-go society and the popularity of mobile devices, mobile technology is essential for organisations. Still, mobile workers are faced with challenges every day to quickly and securely get valuable information to the right people and processes in your organisation.

With Perceptive Mobile Capture, a few taps on a mobile device enables a user to capture images and data from virtually anywhere and then securely send them to Perceptive Content and other enterprise applications—where the content is automatically submitted to your processes and immediately available across your organisation.

With content automatically delivered to where it’s most useful, your staff can respond faster to customer requests while minimising the costs associated with manual data entry. This also enhances your organisation’s ability to effectively track and report on information, and avoid mistakes associated with lost data. These benefits let staff more efficiently process invoices, customer orders, applications, clinical photos, travel expenses and many other types of unstructured and semi-structured content.

Perceptive Mobile Capture lets you:

  • Directly tie into your Lexmark enterprise software solution from anywhere while ensuring compliant storage and easy accessibility to all content in your business processes and applications
  • Experience secure processing at every level—the Mobile Capture app stores data in a non-caching mode on the mobile device, transmits through encrypted communication, requires user authentication and enforces content privileges defined in your Lexmark solution
  • Customise mobile capture settings based on processes and document types
  • Take advantage of advanced image enhancement capabilities to ensure the highest image quality
  • Conveniently assign associated metadata to images through data extraction, user entry on a mobile device’s keyboard, speech to text engine, or by scanning a barcode
  • Optimise processes and make better informed business decisions with process mining
Learn more about the features that let you easily capture content on the go and securely send it to your enterprise applications.

Create your own mobile application—or enhance an existing app—to capture content on the go and send it to your enterprise applications.

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