The best Infographic to help choose a small business printer

Author: Brian Wallace, Google small business advisor, small business founder and operator

Need help choosing a printer for your small business? Inkjet vs. laser—which one is right for you? Check out the Lexmark GO Line infographic by Nowsourcing to help you make the best decision.

Published: November 21, 2022
Last updated: September 8, 2023

Author discusses infographic data and research for small business printer buyers

 VIDEO [MP4 06:20]

Join infographic creator, Brian Wallace, as he dives into why 80% of small businesses globally depend on printers, learn how to avoid the pitfalls of impulsive buys and understand the limitations of consumer-grade printers.

Lexmark best small business printer infographic
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Brian Wallace

Brian Wallace is the founder and president of NowSourcing, a renowned content marketing agency that specializes in converting complex ideas into simple and engaging visuals. Brian also serves as a Google small business advisor, where he provides guidance and support to SMBs on how to successfully leverage digital marketing. His expertise in the field has also earned him a seat on the advisory board of the SXSW festival, where he helps shape the future of technology, business and culture.

He goes on to share, “I find many small businesses are using printers that were never intended for business purposes. I encourage small businesses to plan the printer they choose for their business, rather than rushing out to purchase whatever they find when their last rush-purchased printer breaks."

Articles from the author:

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Which Lexmark printer best suits your small business needs?

Need to print, scan, copy, fax and more?

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Lexmark Color All-in-One 4-series (MC3426i)

More color printing than black and white?

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Print mostly text but need all the features?

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Print more words than images?

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Lexmark Black and White Printer 2-series (B2236dw)

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#1 Best Small Business Printer of 2022: "Compact laser with a large appetite." "...we think this printer has got the balance between features, value and print quality just right for the small business." - TECHRADAR (Lexmark Color All-in-One 3-series - MC3326i)

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Stop making your business printer an afterthought


8 in 10 small businesses around the world rely on printers to perform daily operations
For Small Business, Print Is Anything But Dead

When printers fail, businesses are forced to fill the gaps with reactive purchases

Many SMBs hastily purchase consumer-grade printers and overwork them, instead of buying the business printer they really need

50% of businesses say they cannot operate without a printer

• Law 240 PAGES per day
• Auto 238 PAGES per day
Healthcare 178 PAGES per day
• Accounting 35.5 PAGES per day
• Finance 20.2 PAGES per day

Printed paper encourages 

• Longer attention span
• Stronger working memory

29 of 33 laboratory studies found readers learn more from paper than from screens

Don’t underestimate the power of The Printed Word


• 53% of people own printers that break once a month or more
• Less than 50% of all toner cartridges are reused
• Globally, 52% of small business owners wish companies who sell printers better understood the challenges they face
• More than half of all internet-connected printers are unsecured
• In 2021, attacks on 'Internet of Things' (IoT) devices more than doubled
• An unsecured printer can leave your entire network vulnerable
• Globally, 69% of small business owners find it difficult to source reliable office supplies—including printers

Small Businesses Are Left to Determine: Ink or Laser?

Black ink 
• Printer ink* $12,000+
• Insulin* $9,400+
• Cover Girl Nail Polish* $900+

*per gallon

Color ink
• Most printers use 20-50% OF EACH INK CARTRIDGE for cleaning and maintenance
• Many printers will not print in black ink if color cartridges are low

Laser toner
• Lower costs per page
• Printer Ink $0.075
• Laser Toner $0.05
• Prints 2-3X faster and doesn’t smudge
• Doesn’t dry up or expire
• 49% of small business owners say they need their printers to be all-in-one technology partners that perform tasks other than just printing
• Modern business owners are looking to replace dated legacy printers with solutions of the future

Make An Informed Decision


• For the best warranty, shipping and support shop direct from manufacturer’s website
• Choose a laser printer for business
• Big business features in a compact size move it on your own as your business grows
• Option to password protect+ enter passwords on the device
• Automatic reboot when security issue detected
• Multiple employees can use one device
• This creates your own office ‘printer network’. Your small business becomes a ‘smart office’
• Access to cloud services
• Choose durability Lexmark Go Line printers have the only sturdy steel frame construction
• Automatic 2-sided printing
• Cartridge recycling program
• Ensure secure compliance etherFAX® option for health and financial information
• Continues to print in black even when color toner is empty

Don’t let a bad printer slow down your business

Make an informed decision before you buy

Presented by Lexmark GO Line™
The Lexmak GO Line™ series combines enterprise-class security and reliability with small-business-friendly size, speed, and pricing.

developed by NowSourcing


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