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Patricia Bardin

Throughout her career, Patricia Bardin has specialized in integrated marketing for small businesses (SMBs) in the U.S. Her range of work includes omnichannel retail, hospitality (restaurants and resorts), helping national retailers and new or already-established SMB owners with store launches and advertising.

To kick off her career in digital marketing, Patricia started her own small business,, a then-first-of-its-kind peer-to-peer dress borrowing and lending e-commerce network. The platform received recognition from Virgin Mobile, the TLC channel and the esteemed British newspaper, The New Statesman.

Her innovative approach predated, and Patricia views her endeavor as having not gone to waste: "Timing is everything. I was a little too early with, but the experience prepared me for the next step in my career. You never regret investing time as an entrepreneur."

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Mike Dattilo

Mike Dattilo is a digital marketing expert with extensive experience in e-commerce marketing campaigns for small businesses. He currently serves as the director of digital marketing at Lexmark, where he has helped develop successful digital strategies for the past six years. Prior to this, Mike owned his own marketing agency where he worked with clients in various industries such as real estate, healthcare, non-profit and retail.

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Brian Wallace

Brian Wallace is the founder and president of NowSourcing, a renowned content marketing agency that specializes in converting complex ideas into simple and engaging visuals. Brian also serves as a Google small business advisor, where he provides guidance and support to SMBs on how to successfully leverage digital marketing. His expertise in the field has also earned him a seat on the advisory board of the SXSW festival, where he helps shape the future of technology, business and culture.

He goes on to share, “I find many small businesses are using printers that were never intended for business purposes. I encourage small businesses to plan the printer they choose for their business, rather than rushing out to purchase whatever they find when their last rush-purchased printer breaks."

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Tari Young

Tari Young is passionate about making a positive impact on the environment and society. In her role as senior manager, she oversees Lexmark's quality, compliance and sustainability initiatives. With over two decades of experience, Tari and her organization play a pivotal role in developing strategies that focus on commitment to the environment and corporate social responsibility.

She is also using her experience as owner of K North, LLC, a safe space for seniors to learn technology skills. As technology continues to play an important role in our daily lives, it's crucial to ensure that everyone has access to tools and knowledge necessary to navigate it effectively.

When asked about her advice to SMBs, Tari has this to say: "Small businesses should prioritize sustainability and social responsibility. These values not only help the environment and the community but also enhance your brand and reputation. By taking small steps, you can make a meaningful impact and set yourself apart from the competition."

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Ieasha Allen

Ieasha Allen is a small business owner and an expert in small business (SMB) printing with over a decade of experience in global SMB strategy and analytics at Lexmark.

Before her current role, Allen served as senior analytics analyst, digital marketing operations manager, and web user experience, design, and strategy manager at Lexmark, where she grew her expertise in consumer goods marketing and sourcing. Her minor in business management, paired with her bachelor's degree in human environmental science from the University of Kentucky and master's in business administration from Midway University, further support her knowledge in this field. 

In addition to her work experience and education, Ieasha holds certifications in global digital marketing and localization and From Ideas to Actions, demonstrating her commitment to continuous learning and professional development. She also serves on the board of directors for Lexington's largest youth select soccer club, and previously volunteered as a troop leader for the Girl Scouts of the USA and as a member of the board of trustees for Midway University.

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Chuck Barnes

Chuck Barnes is a highly experienced system test engineer at Lexmark, with over 15 years of experience in the printing and imaging industry. By analyzing a wide range of metrics such as paper jam rates, pick-up and feed speeds and overall print quality, Chuck recommends design changes and improvements that enhance the reliability and efficiency of Lexmark printers.

"As a small business owner, investing in reliable office equipment can make a significant difference in the efficiency of your business. By choosing a printer with advanced paper feed technology, you don't have to deal with constant paper jams or misfeeds, which can be frustrating and time-consuming," stated Chuck.

He is constantly pushing the limits of what's possible and developing new testing procedures that help engineers and designers create better paper-handling systems.

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Larry Early

In his current role as director of software and industry marketing at Lexmark, Larry Early oversees the development and execution of marketing strategies that drive growth and accelerate the adoption of new software solutions. Drawing from nearly 30 years of experience, he is also passionate about helping small to medium-sized businesses succeed and believes that companies of all sizes can harness technology to reduce costs.

Larry believes that "technology can be a powerful ally for SMBs since they are the backbone of our economy. By pairing the latest software with industry solutions, you can level the playing field with larger companies."

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Bridget Weston

Bridget Weston is CEO of SCORE, the nation's largest network of volunteer, expert business mentors, which has helped 11 million entrepreneurs to start, grow or troubleshoot a business. Since 1964, SCORE has provided free mentoring and education to current and aspiring small business owners through its network of 10,000 volunteers.

"SCORE understands the difficulty that entrepreneurs face when launching or maintaining a small business. That's why, as the leading source of free and confidential mentoring for SMBs, SCORE provides guidance to those who need it," declared Bridget.

A respected thought leader in the small business landscape, Weston has served as a small business expert in congressional hearings and has been quoted in many media outlets, including CNN, MSNBC and Bloomberg Business. She earned her MBA from Temple University and a Bachelor of Science (B.S.) in economics from the Wharton School at the University of Pennsylvania.

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Jason Turfler

As a senior portfolio manager at Lexmark, Jason Turfler has over two decades of experience leading product development teams in the printing industry, making him an expert in his field. With a proactive and multi-faceted approach, he takes advantage of opportunities to drive best in class customer experiences, strategic planning, and creative problem-solving to exceed business goals.

Before joining Lexmark, Jason served in various senior leadership positions at several notable companies, where he became an expert in customer empathy, portfolio optimization and innovation. He has earned a Bachelor of Science in marketing and a Master of Business Administration degree. 

Jason has a passion for coaching and community service, which led him to found and lead a booster club benefitting the local high school softball team while also coaching for the varsity team.

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Eric McCann

Eric McCann has more than 15 years of experience at Lexmark and is in Lexington, Ky. He is a member of the Technology Portfolio team and handles the intersection of firmware, software, hardware and services for the Lexmark printer portfolio.  In previous roles, Eric has worked to demonstrate and develop the Lexmark Cloud Services portfolio, secure device ecosystem and catalog of built-in solutions aimed at improving printer productivity.

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Joe McCormack

Joe McCormack is the founder of The Brief Lab and author of “Brief: Make a Bigger Impact by Saying Less,” “Noise: Living and Leading When Nobody Can Focus” and the upcoming release “Quiet Works: Making Silence the Secret Ingredient of the Work Day.” He has been featured on FastCompany and is the host of the podcast, ‘Just Saying.’ Check out his LinkedIn.

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White Triangle

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