Keep up with tech trends with a smart printer

Now's the time to evaluate your small business printing needs and how to use the cloud to modernize business processes. Find the smart office solutions you need with Lexmark GO Line™ – printers and all-in-ones that maximize your investment while reducing costs. 

Author: Larry Early, Director, Software and Industry Marketing, Lexmark

Published: December 5, 2022
Last updated: April 5, 2023

Smart printer tech trends infographic by Lexmark
Larry Early

In his current role as director of software and industry marketing at Lexmark, Larry Early oversees the development and execution of marketing strategies that drive growth and accelerate the adoption of new software solutions. Drawing from nearly 30 years of experience, he is also passionate about helping small to medium-sized businesses succeed and believes that companies of all sizes can harness technology to reduce costs.

Larry believes that "technology can be a powerful ally for SMBs since they are the backbone of our economy. By pairing the latest software with industry solutions, you can level the playing field with larger companies."

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Which Lexmark printer best suits your small business needs?

Need to print, scan, copy, fax and more?

GO with:

Lexmark CX331adwe

Part #: 40N9070

Lexmark CX331adwe

More color printing than black and white?

GO with:

Lexmark CS521dn

Part #: 42C0060

Lexmark CS521dn

Print mostly text but need all the features?

GO with:

Lexmark MB3442i

Part #: 29S0355

Lexmark MB3442i

Print more words than images?

GO with:

Lexmark B3442dw

Part #: 29S0300

Lexmark B3442dw

The wait is over.

Good news. The sold-out Lexmark GO Line ™ series is back in stock and ready to ship.

Keep up with tech trends with a smart printer 

4 ways your printer keeps your biz up to date with technology

1. Smart Touch

Just like you download apps to an iPhone or iPad from the App Store or an Android device from Google Play, Lexmark GO Line ™ devices have customizable touch-screen* technology that enables a wide range of apps like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box and Microsoft OneDrive to be added directly to your device. 

• Add and Delete Apps
• Drag and drop icons
• Customize home screen 

2. Smart Access

Print what you need when you want it with business-class mobile printing right at your fingertips. Managing documents is easier and more convenient with Lexmark Mobile Print.

It's now simpler than ever to…

• Print documents and photos over the network from your mobile device including Apple AirPrint.
• Configure print settings remotely.
• Check toner levels and manage your printer.
• Submit and release print jobs to and from a server.   
• Scan documents from your Wi-Fi-connected printer to your app.   
• Preview and manage documents scanned from your printer.

3. Smart Documents

Save time and money with:

• Confidential print
Cloud based printing and scanning
• Automatic two-sided printing
Secure cloud faxing with etherFAX

Lexmark GO Line™ devices also accommodate card stock, paper labels, postcards and more.  

4. Smart Solutions

More control and less worry with simple, practical solutions from Lexmark so you can:

• Reduce unnecessary printing and copying by pausing print jobs
• Speed up decision making with file accessibility wherever you are
• Minimize stress caused by workflow with pin login requirements
• Create a secure, smart print environment with automatic security reboots and convenient cloud access

See which GO Line device best fits your small office. Use the interactive Lexmark product finder to compare printers

Turn your small office into a smart office. Invest in your future with Lexmark GO Line ™ — the best all-in-one printers for small businesses.

*Available on select models

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