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Lexmark Security Services

Defend your printer fleet with fortified security

Keep your fleet running smoothly and securely, guarding against security threats every step of the way, with Lexmark Security Services. Backed by our award-winning, Secure by Design approach, we can help you simplify and boost the security of your organisation through a holistic approach to managed security services, reinforcing the safety of your print output.

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Recognise, navigate and mitigate print security risks

The risk and vulnerability management of your printing and scanning ecosystem is critical, but the burden on your IT department is heavy. Let us do some of the work for you. A Lexmark security consultation specialises in helping customers understand and secure relevant device settings, making the complex configurations of their printers easy to address and keep in compliance.

Through these consulting engagements, Lexmark provides security guidance on critical print infrastructure components, including print-related servers and drivers, device firmware versions and user permissions. You’ll apply this insight by working with your Lexmark security consultant to create a secure configuration that is customised to meet your organisation’s specific needs, all in alignment with Lexmark’s industry-leading best practices.

Lexmark’s security consulting service aims to bolster your organisation’s​ print security strategy by providing IT departments with tailored training programmes and up-to-date resources to empower staff to effectively mitigate risks. By sharing our deep industry knowledge and enriching your team’s print security capabilities, Lexmark will help lead your company to a greater, more robust security posture for the future.

Identify your risks, vulnerabilities and opportunities for stronger fleet security

With a Security Assessment, Lexmark partners with your organisation to locate output risks and authentication weaknesses, whilst highlighting other areas of secure print opportunities. We leverage our proprietary assessment tools and use benchmark reporting to give you a comprehensive review of the results. This deeper understanding of your security profile enables you to reduce exploitable weaknesses and elevate your defence system.

Link to the Security Services Assessment Brochure here.

Protect your printing fleet with standardization and conformance monitoring

Configuration Management is offered with a managed print services agreement. Lexmark monitors and restores configurations when devices fall out of conformance, helping to deploy updates as needed. Maintaining the standardisation of device settings protects your printing and scanning ecosystem, preventing print security issues from putting your organisation at risk.

Link to the Configuration Management Brochure here.

Are you ready to level up the security of your printer fleet and reduce the risk of a security breach? Get started with us today.

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