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Classified Incident Reporting

Respond immediately when your information's at risk

Securing classified information across systems gets tricky when you consider the amount of printed, faxed and copied documents in your office every day. It’s important that all accidental or intentional leaks of classified information, electronic or paper-based, are reported and investigated quickly.

When an employee mistakenly prints, copies, emails, faxes or scans a classified document on a multifunctional product (MFP) that is connected to an unclassified network it contaminates the MFP with classified information. This is known as an “Unauthorized Disclosure of Classified Information” (UDCI) and must be reported immediately.

Classified Incident Reporting from Lexmark makes it easy to report on and investigate UDCIs immediately. The solution allows employees who have mistakenly committed a UDCI to self-report the incident directly from a Lexmark MFP. The MFP submits a report to the appropriate department and allows the device to be locked down remotely until the UDCI has been investigated. Lexmark enterprise software solutions can be used with the Classified Incident Reporting solution to further streamline UDCI investigations.

With Lexmark, you’ll have real-time reporting and multiple options for responding to a UDCI. You’ll also ensure a faster and more thorough investigation.

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