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Make decisions faster and satisfy student needs more efficiently

Educational costs are skyrocketing while budget cuts are becoming routine. Still, you’re expected to overcome the operational, compliance and technological challenges facing today’s colleges and universities.

Perceptive Software higher education solutions from Lexmark can help by providing a common framework for collecting, organizing and retrieving a wide range of student information. Our capture, content, process and search functionality can help connect educators, staff and students with the information they need—at the right time and in the right format.

Whether you pull individual documents within your student information system (SIS) or you need to view all related content in a single view, Lexmark’s solutions can provide immediate access to critical information—enabling you to make faster, more informed decisions.

By achieving greater efficiencies, you can put more effort into creating a positive experience and meeting the needs of every student who applies, enrolls and graduates. And that’s what higher education is all about.

Enrollment Services

Simplify a wide range of enrollment services to increase efficiency and provide a positive student experience.
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Admissions & Application Evaluation Management

Manage application-related documents from one, central electronic repository and speed decision making based on a 360-degree view of the applicant.
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Financial Aid Software

Simplify the verification of data between your SIS and financial aid files, enabling you to deliver award decisions faster.
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Office of the Registrar Software

Cost-effectively manage student records throughout their lifecycle to comply with your institution’s existing retention policies.
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Perceptive Intelligent Capture for Transcripts

Leverage our innovative capture technology to simplify and speed transcript processing.
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Advancement Services Management

Enable your advancement office to reduce workflow bottlenecks and simplify the management of documents relating to donors and prospective donors.Streamline gift processing and improve information-sharing with other departments.
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Faculty Management Software

Manage student advisory, academic meetings, course preparation and research projects more efficiently.
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Core Facilities Management Software

Simplify the scheduling and management of shared resources across scientific research facilities.
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Student Life Services Management

Capture student information and automatically tie it to the appropriate student record in your student and business systems.
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Student Athletic Compliance Management

Speed recruiting, manage eligibility, approve invoices and expenses, and support athletic fundraising as well as other key student athletic processes.
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Student Housing Software

Maintain complete and up-to-date applicant files, and provide timely notifications to students.
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Student Health Software

Capture, process, protect and access documents to accelerate the delivery of medical care and increase student satisfaction.
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Montgomery County Community College

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Discover how one community college verifies student financial aid information in seconds.