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Lexmark C782dtn

Br. dela: 10Z0152


  • Kolor laserski štampač
  • Dupleks (dvostrana) štampa: Uključuje dupleks jedinicu
  • Brzina štampe: do 38 str/min
  • Preporučeni mesečni obim štampe: 2500 - 17000 Strana
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Opis proizvoda

The network-ready Lexmark C782dtn with standard duplex prints up to 40 ppm (up to 38 A4) in 4800 Color Quality mode and provides true 1200 x 1200 dpi capability for high quality color printing.

No worries – colour costs are under control!

The Lexmark C780n and C782n were designed to put you in total control of colour costs. In addition to high-yield cartridges and a low cost per page, both printers come equipped with Lexmark’s unique ColorCare technology, a complete range of colour-cost-control tools. This includes convenient budget-friendly features, such as user-specific colour-print-permission settings, which let you limit which users can print in colour based on their specific job functions.

Lexmark’s guarantee to you

At Lexmark, we’re always working hard to ensure you maximum productivity and minimum downtime. C780n and C782n colour laser printers include our solid service guarantee of One-year On Site Repair, with a response time of next business day (in serviceable areas). For an even greater level of peace of mind, you can opt for one of our extended-guarantee service offerings. For more information on any of these offerings, just contact your local dealer or visit us today at

Easier than ever to manage

What better way to boost productivity than by offering your employees a simple and secure new way of working? These printers are remarkably simple at every level, from set-up to maintenance. The front-loading consumables take just seconds to replace, while the intuitive operator panel coaches your end-users through printing and maintenance tasks with ease. And thanks to the cutting-edge security features with convenient numeric pad, you’re always ensured true confidential printing.

Serious performance for high-volume printing

Robust and reliable, the Lexmark C780n and C782n come network-ready and integrate seamlessly into your existing network environment. In virtually no time at all you’ll be set up and running through your heaviest print jobs at record speeds! Besides their competitive time to first page, both printers are incredibly fast. In fact, the C782n can reach up to 40 pppm (38 ppm A4) in mono and 35 ppm (33 ppm A4) in colour. So you can reduce the paper wait and get your documents in your hands faster.

Ride the wave of colour!

Colour is the future of office printing, and now Lexmark lets you get in on the action like never before! From memos and business reports to eye-catching catalogues, Lexmark’s C780n and C782n laser printers give you everything you need to produce brilliant colour documents in-house. With our newly enhanced toner and long-term colour-science expertise, the results speak for themselves: crisp, professional-looking text, rich flesh tones and consistent images every time, from first page to last.

Opšte specifikacije

Br. dela 10Z0152
Tehnologija štampe
  • Kolor laserski štampač
  • Displej u 4 reda 160 x 64 pixel All Points Addressable (APA)
Podržane veličine medija
  • 7 3/4 Koverta, 9 Koverta, JIS-B5, A4, Legal, A5, Letter, B5 Koverta, Statement, C5 Koverta, Executive, Korisnički definisan, Reklamni natpis (do 8.210 x 1219 mm), DL Koverta, Folio, 10 Koverta
Standardni portovi
  • USB kompatibilno sa USB 2.0 specifikacijom (Tip B), USB direktni interfejs na kontrolnoj tabli, Brzi Ethernet, One Internal Card Slot
Dimenzije (mm - V x Š x D)
  • 734.1 x 604.5 x 470 mm
  • 60 kg
Dimenzije pakovanja (mm - V x Š x D)
  • 945 x 1320 x 725 mm
Težina pakovanja (kg)
  • 100.7 kg


Brzina štampe
  • do:
  • crna: 38 str/min (A4)
  • kolor: 33 str/min (A4)
Vreme do prve strane
  • crna: 11 sekundi
  • kolor: 13 sekundi
Rezolucija štampe
  • crna: 1200 x 1200 dpi, 4800 CQ (2400 x 600 dpi)
  • kolor: 4800 CQ (2400 x 600 dpi), 1200 x 1200 dpi
  • dvostrana:
  • Uključuje dupleks jedinicu
Površina za štampanje
  • metrična: 4.2 mm od gornjih, donjih, desnih i levih ivica (unutar)

Rukovanje papirom

Podržani tipovi medija
  • Etikete, Banner papir, Outdoor mediji, Kartice, Običan papir, Transparencies, Koverte, Za više pogledajte: Vodič za Papir & Specijalne medije, Glosi papir
Završne opcije
  • Yes
Broj ulaznih nosača papira
  • 3
  • maksimalan: 5
Ulazni kapacitet papira
  • standardni: 1100 listova 20 lb ili 75 gr/m2
  • maksimalni: 3100 listova 20 lb ili 75 gr/m2
  • 1100 listova 20 lb ili 75 gr/m2
Izlazni kapacitet papira
  • Do:
  • standardni: 250 listova 20 lb ili 75 gr/m2
  • maksimalni: 900 listova 20 lb ili 75 gr/m2
Podržana težina papira
  • 60 - 176 gr/m2: (Standardna fioka (gr/m2))
Standardni nosač papira
  • 250-listova izlazna kaseta, Dupleks jedinica, 100-listova višenamenski ulagač, 500-listova fioka, 500-listova ulazni nosač
Opcioni nosač papira
  • 5-kasetni Mailbox, Banner medija nosač, Spoljna fioka za medije, 650-listova izlazni ekspander, 2.000-listova ulagač visokog kapaciteta, StapleSmart Finišer, Fioka za koverte, 500-listova fioka
Preporučeni mesečni obim štampe
  • 2500 - 17000 Strana1
Maksimalni mesečni obim štampe
  • Do:
  • 150000 Strana mesečno2

Kertridži i izrada slika

Kapacitet potrošnog materijala
  • Kertridži za crno i štampanje u boji (CMYK) kapaciteta do 6.0003 stranica3, Kertridži velikog kapaciteta za crno i štampanje u boji (CMYK) kapaciteta do 10.0003 stranica3, Kertridži veoma velikog kapaciteta za crno i štampanje u boji (CMYK) kapaciteta do 15.0003 stranica3, Isporučuje se sa 10,0003-strana "Return Program" crnim i kolor tonerom velikog kapaciteta3


  • 800 / 133 MHz
  • Standardno: 256 MB
  • Maksimalno: 768 MB
  • Standardni:
  • PDF 1.5 emulacija, PCL 5c emulacija, PCL 6 Emulacija, Personal Printer Data Stream (PPDS), xHTML, PostScript 3 Emulacija, Direct Image
Fontovi i simboli
  • 2 PCL bitmap fontova, 158 scalable PostScript fonts, OCR-A, OCR-B skalabilni PCL 5e fontovi, 84 scalable PCL fonts, 3 od 9 skalabilnih PCL 5e fontova za Uski, Regularni i Široki mod, 5 PPDS bitmap fonts, 39 scalable PPDS fonts


Direktno korišćenje USB uređaja
  • Da
Mrežno povezivanje
  • Da
Mrežni protokoli
  • TCP/IP IPv6, IPX/SPX, TCP/IP IPv4, LexLink (DLC), AppleTalk™
Metode mrežnog štampanja
  • LPR/LPD, Socket (Raw TCP/IP), Direct IP (Port 9100), HTTP, IPP (Internet Printing Protocol), NDPS/NEPS (Novell Distributed Print Services, Novell Netware Enterprise Print Services), NDS Queue-based Printing, Poboljšani IP (Port 9400)
TCP/IP Aplikacioni Servisi
  • NTP: Network Time Protocol, TFTP, ping, finger, telnet, DDNS, mDNS, Automatsko konfigurisanje
Protokoli za upravljanje mrežom
Bezbednost u mreži
  • IPSec4, SSL ugradjen Web Server4, SNMPv34, 802.1x Autentifikacija: MD5, MSCHAPv2, LEAP, PEAP, TLS, TTLS4, TCP/IP kontrola pristupa portu4
Opcioni lokalni portovi
  • Internal 1284-B Bidirectional Parallel, Internal RS-232C serial
Opcioni mrežni portovi
  • Interni MarkNet™ N8030 Fiber brzi Ethernet, Eksterni MarkNet N7020e Gigabit Ethernet, Interni 802.11g za bežičnu komunikaciju, Interni Gigabit Ethernet, Lexmark N4050e 802.11g bežični Print Server (samo za štampanje)

Podržani operativni sistemi

Podržani Microsoft Windows operativni sistemi
  • Windows 2000, Windows NT (4.00/4.00 Server), Windows 2000 Server Terminal Services, Windows Vista, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 x64 running Terminal Services, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 running Terminal Services, Windows Vista x64
Podržani Apple operativni sistemi
  • Apple Mac OS X, Apple Mac OS 9.2
Podržani Linux operativni sistemi
  • Red Flag Linux Desktop 5.0, 6.0, Ubuntu 7.10, Linspire Linux 6.0, Ubuntu 8.10, 9.04, Debian GNU/Linux 4.0, Debian GNU/Linux 5.0, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11, openSUSE 10.2, 10.3, 11.0, 11.1, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8.0, 9.0, 10, 11, Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, Linpus Linux Desktop 9.2, 9.3
Citrix MetaFrame
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x64 na Terminal Services sa Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 x64, 4.5 x64, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server running Terminal Services with Citrix Presentation Server 3.0, 4.0, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 running Terminal Services with Citrix Presentation Server 3.0, 4.0, 4.5
Podržani Novell operativni sistemi
  • Novell NetWare 5.x, 6.x sa iPrint ili Novell Distributed Print Services (NDPS), Novell NetWare 4.2, 5.x i 6.x (NDS), Novell NetWare® 3.2, 4.2 (bindery), Novell® Open Enterprise Server za Netware sa NDS, iPrint ili Novell Distributed Print Services (NDPS)
Podržani UNIX operativni sistemi
  • HP-UX 11.00, 11.1, IBM AIX 5.1, 5.2, 5.3, Sun Solaris SPARC 8, 9, 10, Sun Solaris x86 10
Ostali podržani operativni sistemi
  • IBM iSeries or IBM AS/400® Systems with TCP/IP with OS/400® V3R1 or later using OS/400 Host Print Transform, Virtually any platform supporting TCP/IP

Električna energija i radno okruženje

  • Da
Energy Star tipična potrošnja el. energije
  • TEC:
  • 9.78 kilovat-sati nedeljno
Nivo buke
  • Štampanje:
  • 30 dBA (mirovanje)
  • 53 dBA (u toku rada)
Nivo buke kod dvostrane štampe
  • operativni:
  • 60 dBA
Prosečna potrošnja el. energije
  • 675 Vati (štampanje)
Prosečna potrošnja u Standby režimu kada je uključen režim štednje struje / Prosečna potrošnja u Standby režimu kada je isključen režim štednje struje
  • 27 Vati
  • 150 Vati
Uslovi radnog okruženja:
  • Vlažnost: 8 do 80% relativne vlažnosti
  • Temperature: 16 to 32°C (60 to 90°F)
  • Visina: 0 - 3.048 metara
Sertifikati proizvoda
  • Energy Star, CSA, ICES Class A, BSMI Class A, VCCI Class A, FCC Class A, UL 60950-1, IEC 60320-1, CE Class A, CB IEC 60950-1, IEC 60825-1, GS (TÜV), SEMKO, UL AR, CS, TÜV Rh, C-tick mark Class A, CCC Class A
  • 43212105
Zemlja porekla
  • Kina (PRC)

1Preporučeni mesečni obim štampe" predstavlja broj stranica koji omogućava korisnicima da procene Lexmarkovu ponudu uređaja u odnosu na broj stranica koje planiraju da štampaju mesečno. Za optimalne performanse uređaja Lexmark preporučuje da mesečni broj strana bude u navedenom opsegu, a na osnovu faktora koji uključuju: interval zamene potrošnog materijala, intervale punjenja papirom, brzine, i tipičnih navika kupaca u korišćenju uređaja.
2"Maksimalni mesečni radni ciklus" predstavlja maksimalni broj stranica isporučenih od uređaja, mesečno u toku višestrukih operacija. Ova metrika omogućava poređenje robustnosti u odnosu na druge Lexmark štampače i MFP uređaje.
3Prosečan kapacitet crne ili kombinovane CMY boje deklarisanog kapaciteta do odredjenog broja strana je u saglasnosti sa ISO/IEC 19798.
4Ovaj proizvod ima softver napravljen od OpenSSL Project za upotrebu u OpenSSL Toolkit.

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