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Lexmark X651de MFP

Br. dela: 16M1258


  • Mono laserski štampač
  • Dupleks (dvostrana) štampa: Integrisani dupleks
  • Brzina štampe: do 43 str/min
  • Preporučeni mesečni obim štampe: 3000 - 20000 Strana
  • energy star logo

Opis proizvoda

Compact and easy to install, the Lexmark X651de multifunction laser offers high-quality copying and scanning, paper-saving duplex printing and rapid output speeds up to 43 ppm.

Customisable touch screen for simple one-touch operation

MyMFP lets users personalise the touch screen with the functions and shortcuts they use most

Lexmark’s Embedded Solutions Framework enables your MFP to be tailored for workflow efficiency

The Lexmark X651de packs more benefits than ever into a high-performance, space-saving multifunction laser. Power up your workgroup with reliable, ultra-fast printing and copying. Boost productivity with superior colour-scanning capabilities and efficient workflow solutions. And experience smart, new ways to lower costs while reducing the environmental impact of printing.

Cutting-edge security

The Lexmark X651de is equipped with state-of-the-art security to protect your valuable corporate data. It also features customisable user-access controls, allowing you to enable or disable functions with ease.

Enhance workflow performance!

There are enough things that can slow you down in a day – your documents shouldn’t be one of them. Powerful print speeds and intelligent time-saving features team up to make your workday fully efficient and productive.

IPSec, SNMPv3 and 802.1x network security

Effortless manageability

Take a load off your help desk. These printers are network-ready and very easy to set up. If you’re installing multiple Lexmark laser devices, the Lexmark Universal Driver offers even easier deployment. Once you’re up and running, Lexmark’s free remote management software, Lexmark MarkVision™ Professional, keeps the workday flowing.

Rapid printing and copying as fast as 43 ppm

Built-in duplex printing saves paper

Lexmark’s Embedded Solutions Framework

Experience more productivity than you could ever imagine! Lexmark new MFPs come solutions-ready, so you can easily opt for one of Lexmark’s leading workflow-enhancing applications, such as Remote Copy, embedded Document Accounting Solution, and more. These solutions are specially designed to help you lower costs, analyse usage patterns, expand your functionality and move information more efficiently throughout your enterprise. To find out how multifunction solutions can boost your performance, call your Lexmark representative today.

25,000-page print cartridges reduce waste as well as lower your cost per page

Cost saving and environmental features

Energy Star compliant

Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program offers fast, free and easy recycling

Duplex printing, Print and Hold, multi-up and support of recycled paper help reduce paper consumption

Loads of benefits packed into one device!

What can device consolidation do for your business? If you’re still struggling between multiple devices across your office – printers, scanners, copiers and fax machines – then your true productivity potential is still far out of reach. But with Lexmark, there’s an easy fix! Solidly robust and competitively fast, Lexmark’s industry-leading MFPs allow you to unite all your critical document functions into one high-performance device. And the benefits go far! You’ll optimise office space and save money on hardware, consumables, service contracts and even electricity.

Eco-Mode reduces power consumption and Quiet Mode reduces noise emission

The Productivity Checklist

If you’ve got all these, then you’ve got a Lexmark!

Rapid high-quality scanning in monochrome and colour

Optimised workflow capabilities with flexible scan destinations and formats

High Yield Print Cartridges and Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program help reduce landfill

Optional hard disk supports advanced features, like on-screen scan previews

Enormously intuitive touch screen

The incredibly large, fully featured colour touch screen gives you fast, easy access to document capture and workflow functions. Tailor it to your business requirements with the icons and shortcuts you need most. You can even change the background image to whatever suits you best, like your own logo.

Lexmark’s guarantee to you

Lexmark's 1-Year Onsite guarantee provides added peace of mind. Enhanced service offerings may be available by contacting your Lexmark representative or visiting Optimize your printer's performance and investment value by using genuine Lexmark supplies, service and parts.

Outstanding versatility

One size never fits all. That’s why Lexmark offers you more options, more versatility and more functionality for a truly customised solution. Choose from a wide range of flexible features to achieve a perfect fit for your business.

Secure data encryption and disk wiping

Efficient traffic shaping

When you email a large file from your Lexmark X651de MFP, it won’t cause a traffic jam on your network. That’s because traffic-shaping technology can partition your network traffic and designate lower bandwidth for outbound flows. This is especially useful for busy networks and externally hosted Web servers.

Input options let you load up to 3,200 sheets

Industry-leading access restrictions, including LDAP

On-screen scan previews

Before you scan and email an important image file, see how it looks and fits on the page. Should it be in colour or black and white? Is the page orientation correct? Are you sure you scanned the correct side of the page? You may also want to check the file size of the scanned document before you save or forward it on. The Lexmark X651de lets you preview your scan and note the file size, saving you time and eliminating errors (hard disk required).

Proactively tracks and identifies security risks

Multitalented copying

Benefit from a rich range of advanced copy functions to boost your productivity, such as Priority Copy to temporarily interrupt long print runs; ID Card Copy to copy both sides of a card on a single sheet; Sample Copy to proof the first copy set before printing the remaining copies; and Remote Copy, which you can use to scan colour documents on your monochrome Lexmark X651de MFP and retrieve them from a Lexmark colour laser printer.

Prints black, thinks green

Lexmark multifunction technology makes it easy to reduce the amount of information you print, copy and distribute in hardcopy format. You’ll save time, costs and office space, while powering fewer devices. You can also significantly reduce cartridge waste by using Lexmark’s high-yield print cartridges, which boast page yields – up to 25,000 pages.

Personalised user settings

A real efficiency booster, Lexmark’s new MyMFP feature lets multiple users save and re-access their personal settings on a simple flash drive, including their local address book, personal fax numbers, individual copy settings, and even their own touch-screen configuration. They simply walk up to the MFP, slide in their flash drive and the MFP literally transforms into their own personal device. A warm welcome each time they use it!

Eco-Mode reduces power consumption

U kompletu

  • Power cord(s)
  • Setup guide or sheet (network and local attachment)
  • Safety sheet or booklet
  • Statement of limited warranty / guarantee
  • Safety stability sheet
  • Lexmark Cartridge Collection Program Information
  • Blue Angel sheet
  • Up to 7,000 pages* Return Program Print Cartridge
  • Lexmark X651de multifunction laser printer
  • Software and documentation CD

*Average Cartridge Yield 7,000 standard pages. Declared yield value in accordance with ISO/IEC 19752.

Box contents may vary by country and/or reseller. Subject to change without notice.

Ethernet or USB cable not included.

Opšte specifikacije

Br. dela 16M1258
Tehnologija štampe
  • Mono laserski štampač
  • Copying
  • Kolor skeniranje
  • Printing
  • Network Scanning
Veličina radne grupe
  • Radna grupa srednje veličine
  • Lexmark e-Task 7-inch (17.8 cm) color touch screen
Podržane veličine medija
  • A6, 7 3/4 Koverta, 9 Koverta, JIS-B5, A4, Legal, A5, Letter, Statement, Executive, Korisnički definisan, DL Koverta, Folio, 10 Koverta
Standardni portovi
  • Prednji USB port kompatibilan sa USB 2.0 specifikaciojom (Tip A), USB port (Tip A) kompatibilno sa USB 2.0 specifikacijom, Ethernet 10/100BaseTX (RJ-45), radi i sa standardom 1000Base-T, USB 2.0 specifikacija sertifikovana za velike brzine (Tip B), One Internal Card Slot
Dimenzije (mm - V x Š x D)
  • 755 x 548 x 611 mm
  • 45.4 kg
Dimenzije pakovanja (mm - V x Š x D)
  • 1020 x 735 x 700 mm
Težina pakovanja (kg)
  • 58.5 kg


Brzina kopiranja
  • do:
  • crna: 43 kop/min (A4)
Vreme do prve kopije
  • crna: 7.5 sekundi
Umanjenje / Uvećanje
  • 25 - 400 %


Brzina štampe
  • do:
  • crna: 43 str/min (A4)
Brzina štampe dupleks
  • do:
  • crna: 29 str/min (A4)
Vreme do prve strane
  • crna: 8.0 sekundi
Rezolucija štampe
  • crna: 1200 x 1200 dpi, 2400 IQ (2400 x 600 dpi), 600 x 600 dpi, 1200 IQ (1200 x 600 dpi)
  • dvostrana:
  • Integrisani dupleks
Površina za štampanje
  • metrična: 4.2 mm od gornjih, donjih, desnih i levih ivica (unutar)


Tip skenera / ADF skeniranje
  • Fletbed skener sa ADF-om
  • Jednostrano
Površina skeniranja
  • mm:
  • 216 x 355.6 mm (maksimalna)
A4/Ltr Brzina jednostranog skeniranja
  • do:
  • crna: 55 Strana u minuti
Rezolucija kod skeniranja
  • 600x600 ppi (crno)
ADF ulazni kapacitet papira / ADF izlazni kapacitet papira
  • do: 75 listova 20 lb ili 75 gr/m2
  • do: 75 listova 20 lb ili 75 gr/m2

Rukovanje papirom

Podržani tipovi medija
  • Vinil etikete, Integrated Labels, Papirne nalepnice, Kartice, Običan papir, Poliester etikete, Dual Web Labels, Transparencies, Koverte, Za više pogledajte: Vodič za Papir & Specijalne medije
Završne opcije
  • Ne
Broj ulaznih nosača papira
  • 2
  • maksimalan: 6
Ulazni kapacitet papira
  • standardni: 650 listova 20 lb ili 75 gr/m2
  • maksimalni: 3200 listova 20 lb ili 75 gr/m2
  • 650 listova 20 lb ili 75 gr/m2
Izlazni kapacitet papira
  • Do:
  • standardni: 550 listova 20 lb ili 75 gr/m2
  • maksimalni: 550 listova 20 lb ili 75 gr/m2
Podržana težina papira
  • 60 - 176 gr/m2: (Standardna fioka (gr/m2))
Standardni nosač papira
  • Integrisani dupleks, 100-listova višenamenski ulagač, 550-listova izlazna kaseta, 550-listova ulazni nosač
Opcioni nosač papira
  • 550-listova fioka, 250-listova fioka, Neophodan opcioni nameštaj., 400-listova nosač sa univerzalnim podešavanjem, sa fiokom, 2.000-listova ulagač visokog kapaciteta (Caster Base required)
Preporučeni mesečni obim štampe
  • 3000 - 20000 Strana1
Maksimalni mesečni obim štampe
  • Do:
  • 200000 Strana mesečno2
Veličina / Dimenzije
  • mm - V x Š x D:
  • izvučeni trejevi (" - V x Š x D): 29.7 x 21.6 x 31.1 in.
  • izvučeni trejevi: 755 x 548 x 790 mm

Kertridži i izrada slika

Kapacitet potrošnog materijala
  • Kertridž za štampanje do 7.0003 stranica3, Kertridž velikog kapaciteta za štampanje do 25.0003 stranica3
Kertridži koji se isporučuju sa proizvodom
  • Kertridž u okviru programa za vraćanje, za štampanje do 7.000* stranica


  • 600 MHz
  • Standardno: 256 MB
  • Maksimalno: 1280 MB
Čvrsti disk
  • Опција доступна
  • Standardni:
  • PDF 1.6 emulacija, PCL 5e Emulation, PCL 6 Emulacija, Microsoft XPS (XML Paper Specification), Personal Printer Data Stream (PPDS), xHTML, PostScript 3 Emulacija, Direct Image
Fontovi i simboli
  • 2 PCL bitmap fontova, 158 scalable PostScript fonts, OCR-A, OCR-B skalabilni PCL 5e fontovi, više informacija potražite u Tehničkom vodiču., 84 scalable PCL fonts, 3 od 9 skalabilnih PCL 5e fontova za Uski, Regularni i Široki mod, 5 PPDS bitmap fonts, 39 scalable PPDS fonts
Monitor sa ekranom osetljivim na dodir
  • Da


Direktno korišćenje USB uređaja
  • Da
Mrežno povezivanje
  • Da
Mrežni protokoli
  • TCP/IP IPv6, IPX/SPX, TCP/IP IPv4, LexLink (DLC), AppleTalk™, TCP, UDP
Metode mrežnog štampanja
  • LPR/LPD, Socket (Raw TCP/IP), Direct IP (Port 9100), HTTP, IPP 1.1 (Internet Printing Protocol), NDPS/NEPS (Novell Distributed Print Services, Novell Netware Enterprise Print Services), NDS Queue-based Printing, FTP, TFTP, Poboljšani IP (Port 9400), ThinPrint .print integration
Protokoli za upravljanje mrežom
  • DHCP4, APIPA (AutoIP)4, BOOTP, RARP4, mDNS4, IGMP4, SLPv14, Bonjour4, WINS4, DDNS4, SNMPv34, SNMPv2c4, Telnet4, NTP4, ICMP4, HTTP4, DNS4, ARP4, HTTPs (SSL4/TLS)4, Finger4
Bezbednost u mreži
  • IPSec, SNMPv3, 802.1x Autentifikacija: MD5, MSCHAPv2, LEAP, PEAP, TLS, TTLS
Opcioni lokalni portovi
  • Internal 1284-B Bidirectional Parallel, Internal RS-232C serial
Opcioni mrežni portovi
  • Eksterni MarkNet N7020e Gigabit Ethernet, Interni MarkNet™ N8120 Gigabit Ethernet, Interni MarkNet™ N8150 802.11b/g/n za bežičnu komunikaciju, Lexmark N4050e 802.11g bežični Print Server (samo za štampanje), Internal MarkNet™ N8130 Fiber brzi Ethernet

Podržani operativni sistemi

Podržani Microsoft Windows operativni sistemi
  • Windows Server 2008 x64 running Terminal Services, Windows Server 2008 x64, Windows Server 2008 running Terminal Services, Windows 2000 Server Terminal Services, Windows Server 2008, Windows XP x64, Windows Server 2003 x64, Windows Server 2003, Windows XP, Windows Server 2003 x64 running Terminal Services, Windows Vista x64, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows Server 2003 running Terminal Services
Podržani Apple operativni sistemi
  • Apple Mac OS X, Apple Mac OS 9.2
Podržani Linux operativni sistemi
  • Red Flag Linux Desktop 5.0, 6.0, Ubuntu 7.10, Linspire Linux 6.0, Ubuntu 8.10, 9.04, Debian GNU/Linux 4.0, Debian GNU/Linux 5.0, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 10, SUSE Linux Enterprise Desktop 11, openSUSE 10.2, 10.3, 11.0, 11.1, SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 8.0, 9.0, 10, 11, Ubuntu 8.04 LTS, Red Hat Enterprise Linux WS 3.0, 4.0, 5.0, Linpus Linux Desktop 9.2, 9.3
Citrix MetaFrame
  • Microsoft Windows Server 2003 x64 na Terminal Services sa Citrix Presentation Server 4.0 x64, 4.5 x64, Microsoft Windows 2000 Server running Terminal Services with Citrix Presentation Server 3.0, 4.0, Microsoft Windows Server 2003 running Terminal Services with Citrix Presentation Server 3.0, 4.0, 4.5
Podržani Novell operativni sistemi
  • Novell NetWare 5.x, 6.x sa iPrint ili Novell Distributed Print Services (NDPS), Novell® Open Enterprise Server za Netware sa NDS, iPrint ili Novell Distributed Print Services (NDPS)
Podržani UNIX operativni sistemi
  • Sun Solaris SPARC 8, 9, 10, IBM AIX 5.2, 5.3, 6.1, Sun Solaris x86 10, HP-UX 11.11, 11.23, 11.31
Ostali podržani operativni sistemi
  • IBM iSeries or IBM AS/400® Systems with TCP/IP with OS/400® V3R1 or later using OS/400 Host Print Transform, Virtually any platform supporting TCP/IP

Električna energija i radno okruženje

  • Da
Energy Star tipična potrošnja el. energije
  • TEC:
  • 8.41 kilovat-sati nedeljno
Nivo buke
  • Skeniranje:
  • 29 dBA (mirovanje)
  • 54 dBA (u toku rada)
  • 55 dBA (u toku rada)
  • 56 dBA (u toku rada)
Nivo buke kod dvostrane štampe
  • operativni:
  • 54 dBA
Prosečna potrošnja el. energije
  • 700 Vati (štampanje)
  • 765 Vati (kopiranje)
  • 165 Vati (skeniranje)
Prosečna potrošnja u Standby režimu kada je uključen režim štednje struje / Prosečna potrošnja u Standby režimu kada je isključen režim štednje struje
  • 24 Vati
  • 95 Vati
Uslovi radnog okruženja:
  • Vlažnost: 8 do 80% relativne vlažnosti
  • Temperature: 16 to 32°C (60 to 90°F)
  • Visina: 0 - 3.048 metara
Sertifikati proizvoda
  • Energy Star, Blue Angel (RAL-UZ-122), CE Class A, CB IEC 60950-1, IEC 60825-1, IEC 61000-3-2, IEC 61000-3-3, EN 55022 Class A, EN 55024, CISPR 22 Class A, IEC 60320, GS (TÜV), EN 60825-1, ACMA A-tick mark Class A, AS/NZS 60950-1, EK Mark, KCC MIC Mark, CCC Class A, UL AR, CS, TÜV Rh
  • 43212110
Zemlja porekla
  • Kina (PRC)


Garancija na proizvod
  • 1-Year Onsite Service, Next Business Day

1Preporučeni mesečni obim štampe" predstavlja broj stranica koji omogućava korisnicima da procene Lexmarkovu ponudu uređaja u odnosu na broj stranica koje planiraju da štampaju mesečno. Za optimalne performanse uređaja Lexmark preporučuje da mesečni broj strana bude u navedenom opsegu, a na osnovu faktora koji uključuju: interval zamene potrošnog materijala, intervale punjenja papirom, brzine, i tipičnih navika kupaca u korišćenju uređaja.
2"Maksimalni mesečni radni ciklus" predstavlja maksimalni broj stranica isporučenih od uređaja, mesečno u toku višestrukih operacija. Ova metrika omogućava poređenje robustnosti u odnosu na druge Lexmark štampače i MFP uređaje.
3Prosečna vrednost kapaciteta je deklarisana u skladu sa ISO/IEC 19752.
4Ovaj proizvod uključuje softver razvijen od OpenSSL Project za upotrebu OpenSSL Toolkit-u. (

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  • Klijent prihvata da koristi kertridže jednom, a potom ih vraća kompaniji Lexmark radi prerade ili recikliranja.
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  • Kompleti za izradu slika
  • Jedinice razvijača
  • Boce za otpadni toner itd.

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